Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Character Devolpment

I am a kind of person who always wants to stay out of stressful situations and just have fun with my friends. You might think that having fun with my friends all the time might not be a good thing, but I do my work when I need to and try to find shortcuts while i'm doing it but not in a way in which it would hurt the quality of my work. Im also a person who just doesn't like doing anything that I feel wont help me or others. My hobbies are gaming, fishing, and watching funny TV shows. An imperfection that I have for one is definitely procrastination. Overall Im just someone who likes to have lots of fun.

The way Im planning to exaggerate the character traits while animating is by using the puppet warp tool in a way that it shows the character's emotions. For example, if the character is sad, I can exaggerate her physical reaction to being sad which might be crying or even bawling on the ground. The reason why animation is so great is because it can bring inanimate objects to life or make your characters do things they cant in real life. For instance, if the character is very happy and or excited then I can bring the viewer to the character's happy place which can be filled with things that you wouldn't be able to film in real life, like unicorns or rainbows.

 The first thing we had to do in our GIF was to set the size of the document, which is a really important part of the process as it will downsize the images so that they wouldn't overload the computer. Next we had to use the quick selection tool to get your body separate from the rest of the picture . After this we would make a background layer which be the backdrop of your animation. After this is done, you may then open up your animation workspace. Mr. Sanderl stated that in GIFs there is a flow of movement in other words a seamless loop, you should not be able to see the beginning of the video or the end but rather have them blend in to each other. You have to move your character from out of the frame, into the frame by slow movement in which you create one frame for each little move you do on your character. After the character has reached the middle of the frame then you use the puppet warp tool to animate the character gif to do whatever you want. After this movement with the puppet warp is done you may exit the frame and your done with a short GIF.

Monday, April 25, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

My keywords for my new sitcom project are pidgin, slang, exaggeration, learning and fitting in. Pidgin can relate to anyone who lives in or has visited Hawaii since it is widely spoken throughout the islands. Pidgin is basically english but spoken in the Hawaiian slang. My second keyword, slang, can be relatable because every place you visit there is probably a certain type of slang they speak. In the story, Lester and Raghav are trying to learn Pidgin after their friend greets them in the foreign slang. My third keyword, exaggeration, relates to the how Lester and Raghav exaggerate the Hawaiian slang and my audience could probably relate to over exaggeration at least once in their lives. My fourth keyword, learning, is represented in our story as the conflict while Lester and Raghav try to learn what Kalani was teaching them and everybody can relate to having a hard tim learning something in the past or present. My final keyword is fitting in and that is what Lester and Raghav are doing in the sitcom and many people have always had trouble fitting in.

Our overall message is to not try so hard to fit in or else non one is gonna want to be your friend for someone you aren't. Fitting in is a really universal problem as everyone has experienced sometime in their lives. Raghav and Lester were trying to fit in by learning pidgin. In the story, Raghav and Lester learn that they've been trying to hard to fit in. After they realize this they spend the rest of their time with Kalani.
This overall was a pretty tough project and didn't come out the way I had pictured it in my head. It was really hard to find strangers to work with us at the beach and to even look for the right people. Most people had rejected our request mostly because of them not wanting to be one camera. The biggest difficulty was trying to get everyone of us to meet up at the airport which was one of the scenes we hadn't done yet. This was soon fixed by a simple green screen.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Composite images help create a panorama which is a image which helps you get a wider view of an image. For our assignment we took 10 vertical pictures in a panoramic form which we are going to put together in Photoshop. This way it would be easier for us to morph it into a world so. When you are taking the pictures you have got to remember to get an equal amount of sky and ground, and make sure that there is nothing hanging down from the sky, like leaves. In Photoshop you would have to use the Photomerge tool so that Photoshop can piece together your composite images together into one single image. Make sure that your photos have at least 25% overlap on each other so Photoshop can do the Photomerge.

Polar panoramas and Spherical panoramas are completely different things but the process of making them are very similar. Polar panoramas are the panoramas that turn into the little planets that you see me standing on. Spherical panoramas are like you're looking up through a tunnel to see the sky. Both panoramas can still have portraits but the polar panorama must have a high angle of a person while a spherical panorama would have a low angle of a person. There is only one step in the process that separate the two panoramas which is turning the image 180 degrees at a certain step to create a polar panorama and you would leave the step out if you wanted to create a spherical panorama. 

A big part of our grade for the project is to make the finished products look realistic. This is hard to do because when you assign the polar coordinates, Photoshop takes the two ends of the image and merges them together which creates a line where they meet. That line makes it obvious that the image was warped around. To prevent this we had to use a tool called the stamp tool so we can smudge the line out. This is the hardest part of the panoramic process because sometimes the lines are very obvious which may take up to an hour to make look convincing. Then for the portraits to look convincing we had to make our shadows believable by putting it under our feet, feathering the edges for the shadow to look realistic, turn the opacity down and make sure it matches the angle in which the sun is shining.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

David Hockney's photomontages are very different from the one's we're creating in class. Hockney's photomontages were not made digitally, he instead made his photomontages by hand after taking pictures and using the physical copies. This also made it cost way more; since the cameras weren't digital each picture had to be processed and there were sometimes up to 100 pictures. David Hockney's photomontages also showed movement of a subject which we didn't focus on in our class. If a person is showed in one of his photomontages they will likely be moving in the image.

Images can send really strong messages which can be emotional in a positive or negative way. Images can show things that might make someone feel a certain way if it is taken the right way. Special effects to an image can help add that feel to it which everyone likes. Usually something that is colorless and black and white will send more of a negative or sad message. Colorful and vibrant images can show happiness and an upbeat message.

I did not really intend to send a message but instead just expressed my love for fishing which is one of my favorite hobbies. So in this case there is no universal meaning but more of a personal meaning for myself. This is all my gear that I use whenever I go fishing. I have frog lures, and my two fishing rods tackle box with hooks and weights and other lures, my fishing rods along with my Scissors.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Aspirations

One goal I will attain in 2016 is getting my grades up because I have been slipping in my grades from the beginning of eight grade. My second goal is to be a better person in general by eating healthier and living healthier and having a good mind. My third goal is to be more involved in clubs and extra curricular activities because it would help me in the future. My fourth goal is to spend time with my family more which I lacked a lot last year and would like to do more this year. My final and fifth goal is to be more proactive because I am a major procrastinator and it is affecting my grades.

Getting my grades up is my priority at the moment because I had been going down in grades since the beginning of eighth grade. Grades are a BIG deal to me and my family so it is important for me to get as much A's as possible because even two B's are a big deal. Lately I've been getting more and more B's so I need to start being more proactive if I want to stay in the A and B range. The grade problem also ties in greatly with my procrastination and thats why I need to fix that problem first. If I get that problem out of the way then I could stop stressing at the end of the quarter.

My first step is probably do my homework the day that it's given instead of doing it all at the end of the quarter. My second step is probably to focus more in class and stop talking to my friends because I could miss important information. I think that I also have to do is write in my planner more which will help me get better grades by helping me remember my homework.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design

Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to move. Try to survive for as long as possible and get as much points as you can by running away from the lion. Don't get caught or else it's GAME OVER.

The user experience was a big part of my chase game but not as much in my platformer. In my chase game I made sure that my that it was challenging and had the player alert at all times. I did not however so this on my platformer since I spent half my time making an advanced gravity engine which at the end wasn't worth it. I didn't have enough time to make the second level which was required

Try get to the starfish before the timer runs out!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Invention Commercial

My team's main goals for this assignment was to make an original invention that works and film a commercial for it. The first and hardest part in this project was to actually come up with the idea for a Mr. Sanderl and after approval it was time for filming. Our goal now was to actually make the soles, which we did at our friend Kalani's house. The next day we were going to finish all of our filming on the one day before the due date. We managed to finish and our goals had been reached.
new invention to make. I was hard but after some thinking we were going to make something called the Super Soles. After the idea, we started writing the script and B-roll shots to make the commercial. We also timed the voice overs so we could make sure it fit the time limit of 40-50 seconds. We then checked the plan with

They're weren't any great team moments in this project since it was not that long and I guess the only time it was reasonably a great moment was when we were working on the shoe soles. This moment everyone was doing something and it was all really productive. I've got to say that might have beenthe only time in a long time where everyone in my team was THAT productive. That was the only time in this project that the whole team cooperated in doing something. Every other time we didn't do work that organized.

Kalani was the person who provided us with all the equipment we needed to make the soles at his house. Lester was the person who did the voiceovers and acted in this commercial, he was the one who tried on all the soles. I was the one who did everything else which was editing and filming the whole thing. The one thing our whole team contributed in was the writing and the scripting of the project as well as the product idea. This project was one of those projects in which I didn't put as much effort as I would another project and that showed in our video.